Breeze at The Samaya Seminyak

Tom and I went to Breeze for our final night of an incredible holiday and nowhere could have been a more perfect place to end it. The setting is absolutely stunning, right at the front of the beach, you can watch the waves crash into the sand as you’re eating and listen to them come back and forth. It was so peaceful and romantic, the most beautiful environment I have ever had dinner, one of the best experiences of my life.

Breeze at Samaya Seminya

The food was faultless, very tasty and flavorsome but portions were also more than reasonable. We had starters and mains and I was too full to finish eating my main (which doesn’t usually happen). I managed to find enough room for their passion fruit sorbet at the end though (which was amazing). The presentation was quirky but modern, they sort of partitioned the meal as though it was deconstructed. Tom ordered a chicken vegetable noodle sort of thing, which you can see in the picture is sectioned off into the different food groups and the sauce came in the cutest mini wooden basket.

There were a lot of people there but the tables are so far apart and the space was so open I honestly felt like Tom and I were the only guests there. It was perfect. Considering this was the most pleasant and most expensive restaurant we went to during our trip, we paid just under £80 for 2 courses each, one desert, 2 bottles of prosecco and breads. For the location we were in I would have expected to pay three times that and if we were in Dubai or LA we definitely would have!

Breeze at Samaya Seminya

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