Uluwatu Temple

Our driver took me and Tom to Uluwatu towards the end of another day trip. We were given scarfs when we arrived to tie around our waist to cover our skin as a sign of respect and were told to cover our shoulders. We came straight from Padang beach so used their scarves. Our tour guide took us around the grounds and to the best points for views, which were absolutely breath-taking.



The surrounding grounds were full of monkeys and as we climbed we witnessed one woman lose her flipflop to one who ran into the trees with it. Our little Indonesian man who was directing us around would shake a wooden stick at them as we walked through as some of them would get vicious. They were very cute and some of them playful but they felt less friendly than the monkeys we met in the sanctuary in Ubud.



As the evening grew near we made our way to a sort of outdoor seated theatre on the cliff which overlooked the ocean as the sun set. It was absolutely stunning, everybody was captivated by how beautiful the views were.


Once the sun had set music was introduced and it almost came slightly sinister as the Kecak Fire Dance began. It was quite a long performance and a number of people started leaving half way through, however our tour guide had given us some background to the story before we arrived so we had a vague understanding of the plot.



It was visually amazing, the time and patience it must have taken to choreograph and learn this performance is unbelievable. All of the music was made with their mouths and they chanted for the whole performance while some danced, which definitely required some serious stamina as it was very humid!


There was one character who was actually really funny and got involved with the crowd. A monkey who made its way into the crowd as the performance was going on also added to the humour of the evening.


I would recommend getting there as early as possible (to the Kecak sunset dance) in order to get a good seat towards the back. We arrived as the sun was beginning to set and had to squeeze which wasn’t comfortable especially in the early September heat! This is definitely a must do if you’re visiting Bali, not only is the temple sunning set on an incredible cliff right by the sea, but the Kecak fire dance was so enchanting and created a true Balinese atmosphere.











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