Aperol Spritz Bar, Barcelona

So, as a passionate lover of the iconic Aperol Spritz and supporter of it in both hot and cold seasons, I was personally ecstatic to discover that there was an Aperol Spritz Bar DEDICATED to the Aperol Spritz directly opposite where we were staying in Barcelona in December. We were right along the marina towards the Gothic Quarter end in the Duquesa Suites and as we arrived the first thing that caught my eye was the Aperol Spritz bar, sent from God himself.

I was surprised to have found a bar dedicated to Aperol in Spain; perhaps it would have been more typical in North east Italy where the Aperol Spritz is a traditional aperitif while Spain is more renown for Sangria or Estella, however I certainly wasn’t complaining to happen across this absolute gem.


If you’re not a fan of Aperol there are plenty of other drinks served at this bar, along with bar food and an all you can eat tapas buffet some evenings. We stayed in Barcelona for 3 nights and we visited this bar 5 times in total! All of the decor is centered around Aperol and they have endless bottles of the aperitif lined up on the bar. There is also (and this was my favourite feature!) a clock which monitors how many Aperol Spritz the bar had sold since its opening. I was proud to be an Aperol lover standing in this shrine to the timeless A-Spritz.

When we visited during the day it was largely quite quiet, however it got busy during the evenings. There was plenty of space indoors though, as well as additional outdoor seating. You could sit by the bar or on tall tables if your evening was more casual, or there were booths and circular tables if you were planning on eating or staying for longer. It seemed as though it was a bit of a tourist attraction as the surrounding bars and restaurants were relatively quieter in comparison and there were mostly tourists there as opposed to locals. If you’re visiting Barcelona and enjoy an Aperol Spritz I couldn’t recommend this bar more – it is the best Spritz you’ll ever have in the best environment!


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