Brunch at The Address, Dubai Marina

We had heard positive things about The Address in Dubai Marina, namely the beautiful views of the Marina from the rooftop pool (which certainly was stunning). We arrived around 12:00 for the brunch to commence at 12:30. It was £125 per person for brunch including alcoholic beverages and bubbly, which inclusively lasted 3 hours.  This is what you would expect to pay for a high end brunch in Dubai, so considering the views of the Marina were absolutely stunning, the drinks list was extensive and the quality of the food and drink was the best we have experienced, we were not disappointed with what we paid for.


In terms of drinks, you had the choice of house white, house red, prosecco, house spirits and beer. You also had a selection of cocktails you could choose from which was inclusive in the price of the brunch (something I hadn’t experienced elsewhere…I have found that usually you are limited to house wines, beers and house spirits in terms of alcohol). There were mojitos, cosmopolitans, pina coladas, daiquiris, aperol spritz’s (and they were just the ones I tried…). The cocktails were all excellent and beautifully presented, they clearly put a lot of time into them. The mojito in particular was great and you could choose from multiple flavours for the daiquiris, which were served as frozen slushes, very refreshing in the heat! I had the passion fruit one which was excellent.


The service was excellent and you were frequently asked if you wanted more drinks even if you were still drinking. They weren’t stingy in serving you which is also rare in all you can drink buffet’s in Dubai. They were all very helpful and offered their recommendations on which cocktails were the best.


The food was also excellent and plentiful. My biggest recommendation (apart from trying the mojitos and daiquiris) would be not to eat before you go, even have a small dinner the night before, as you will never experience so much food in your life! The courses kept on coming which, centered mainly around an Asian and Indian cuisine theme, included salads, breads, sushi, meats, dumplings, as well as extensive deserts including pastries, chocolates, sorbets, mouses, cakes, cheese and biscuits, the list is endless.



You will be on your third round of sushi, crisps and tasty nibbles when you’ll be asked what you would like as your main dish (I chose Salmon although there was loads of choice, for instance steak, beef, chicken and other seafood) as well as choosing which sauce you’d like it cooked in and what sides you would prefer. They’re also helpful in offering recommendations at this point as well, for instance suggesting which sauces compliments which dish and how best to have it cooked. It was just excellent, I thought I would never be able to eat again!


We stayed into the evening once the brunch had finished, you are in a shaded seated area overlooking the rooftop pool and the beautiful views of the marina so it’s a lovely environment to relax and drink in. It’s worth taking your bikini with you as you are invited to use the facilities and sunbath during or after brunch (although you probably won’t fancy getting into a bikini after the amount you will eat). There was a live musician playing while we were there who was really good and really added to what was an already amazing atmosphere.


If you want to attend Friday Brunch during your visit to Dubai (which I recommend you do if you fancy indulging in some serious’ll feel like Charles and Sebastian out of Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited), then The Address in Dubai Marina would be a great choice. It’s pricey but a great experience and I guarantee you won’t be able to eat for the rest of the day and most of the following!






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