Tegenungan Waterfall and Rice Terrace

We set off sharp from Kuta one morning with our driver for the day (I know I’ve said before, but £30 for a WHOLE day, we couldn’t believe it). Our first stop was the Satria Agrowisata Coffee Plantation which are driver recommended we visit.


An Indonesian lady showed us around the grounds which were so beautiful. The naturalness of a coffee plantation being in the middle of a jungle was incredible. You could just listen to the sounds of wildlife and nature as you were sitting there. She talked us through how they produced their coffee. One of the ways was by using the excretion of a Civet Cat which they had captive on site. The animal was fed only coffee beans and looked so miserable, it felt cruel. We didn’t drink the Civet Cat coffee and stuck to the beans they grew organically. There were a variety of coffees offered to us, some really interesting flavours like chili coffee. They were all really tasty although some had a bit of an acquired taste. They had a shop on site where you could buy their coffee and other products, Tom bought his Dad some chili coffee.

From here we went onto visit a Silver Smith Class in Ubud (also recommend by our driver) where silver is made and sculpted into jewelry in a factory. Their work was so intricate, they spend hours adding small detail to rings and bracelets to make all their items individual. All of their products were stunning, especially the rings, one of which I bought. It was so delicate and had silver leafs wrapping around the finger.


Later in the day we visited the Tenenungan Rice Terraces which were absolutely stunning. This was something that was top of both of us lists to see and it certainly didn’t disappoint, it was even more enchanting than the pictures we had seen. We walked around and then had lunch in the most beautiful cafe which overlooked the terraces, a beautiful spot also recommended by our driver. We were so thankful for all of his help and tips as we would have missed out on so much without him.

DSC_1143 DSC_1152


From the terraces, we made our way over to Tegenungan Waterfall. Over driver parked up and we walked through a row of market stalls selling refreshments but also some really lovely accessories, jewelry, towels etc. You had to make your way down a load of steps in order to get to the level of the waterfall, however from the top you had a beautiful view of the whole scene.


As we made our way down we passed a cafe and many additional stalls selling soft drinks and Bintangs. The waterfall was just as beautiful from the bottom as it looked amongst the trees and wildlife from the summit.


Everybody was swimming in the water and taking photos, it was a very relaxed and liberal environment and unlike some of the waterfalls in Croatian national parks where there are restrictions on swimming or approaching the waterfall.


It was a beautiful end to a magical day exploring Bali and as we were taking photos before leaving a lovely rainbow formed across the waterfall, making the scene even more enchanting.

water fall 2

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